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You have the ideas,  So Innovate Solutions!!  We are your partner in digital transformation consultancy service, business innovation,  empowering people, leveraging technology.  

Envision a  perfect service experience, engage rockstar change management.  

You have big opportunities, So Innovate Solutions. 

Innovation Talk Radio


BlogTalk Radio highlights of best practices, business innovation, and showcases of innovations in business transformation and service experience excellence. 

Gamify Service Excellence!!


Gamify success and for a powerful  Customer Centric Experience.     

  • expert service delivery solutions    
  • efficient change accelerators 
  • ServiceNow Platform  
  • strategy transformation
  • Service Improvement Workshop 
  • Digital customer experience.  
  • Star service excellence events   

You have teams with untapped potential,  So Innovate Solutions.  

Service Management Tools Integration


We specialize in Service management. We have in-depth knowledge of industry how to integrate tools and processes for service management excellence.     

  • Tools: ServiceNow, Remedy, Case Management, Jira, Slack and Zoom Integration
  • Process: ITIL, Capability Maturity Modeling, Change Acceleration Process, Six Sigma, PRINCE2, Rummler Brache
  • Customer Experience Utilities:   Service Catalog, Knowledge Management, Machine Learning, AI, Gamification Performance Improvement Platforms. 

Your New Business Ideation


Taking on a new business challenged, redesigned your service delivery, or added a new product or service? Let us help you create positive energy, enthusiasm and experience to fuel your ideas. 



How can So Innovate Solutions, LLC Help my Company?  You are experts in your business, we are experts in helping you leverage industry best practices, that consider your unique business demands.  One size does not fit all, and we help you develop the right solution for your culture, customer, and goals.  

What kind of solutions can you help  us with?   We are business transformation professionals with knowledge of integration and use of people, process, and tools.  We are platform agnostic with expertise in Remedy and ServiceNow integration or migration processes.  We can help integrate so your tools and processes work better together.  

We dont want a cookie cutter process, we want a branded experience that represents us, can you help?   Yes, no business is exactly the same, we can help you in service innovation, performance improvement or tools migration.   


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Everyone has ideas, needs, and goals. The specific needs of your company are unique to you.  We can help you develop strategy, build capabilities, drive adoption, transform business and recognize success. 

  • ServiceNow Implementation 
  • Business Transformation 
  • Process Improvement Workshops 
  • Goals and Performance Events 
  • Customer Experience Gamification  
  • Big Data, IoT, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence 
  • Innovation Service Design Workshops 
  • Service Catalog Creation
  • Service Management Tools/Process

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